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A couple of my GOALS

screenshot2 300x169 A couple of my GOALS

Screenshot from Chest/Bicep video

Since I've been getting a lot of questions recently about what I'm currently doing and what my physique goals are now I figured I would just make a quick post about it.  My goals are to get back into the fitness magazines.  I have not shot for a fitness magazine or fitness shoot since 2008.  If you have been following my site you know the whole story of when  I went to NYC and tried out fashion modeling lost my fitness physique and it ended up being a bad situation.  So for all of 2010 I didn't take nutrition very serious and was still partying a lot on weekends and just wasn't doing things correctly in order to achieve the type of physique I want.  It wasn't until I linked up with Hany that everything changed.  Fast forward till now and when I last spoke with Hany the game plan is to maintain the body fat level that I'm at now but still try to fill my frame out.  I will know very soon about possible magazine stuff and then my program will change gears into getting as peeled as possible.  Until then I'm going to continue to add lean mass enjoy the extra food and continue to build up my chest,back and legs more.  I've gotten my weight back to where it was in 2008 but feel that I have a more matured look.  Currently I'm 218lb in the morning on an empty stomach and 222 when I go to bed.  When my member section launches I'll be doing my food log in it once again so you can follow my daily current diet from this phase I'm in now to when I'm shoot ready.

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