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Questions – 2/21/2012

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Why do you do so much cardio if you are in a stage where you are trying to put on mass in which case you would want to take in more caloiries than you expend
22 February 2012

Tyler - to keep my body fat level low plus i just feel healthier doing cardio.  i'm not doing nearly as much cardio as i was..there for a while i was doing 2 sessions everyday no days off.

Tyler, what were those grips I saw you put up a while ago for pull ups and stuff liike that? they looked good!
22 February 2012

Tyler - they were Big Back Grips...I honestly don't use them anymore. I use traditional straps for back day

Amazing video Tyler, hope you make much more!!!! greetins from Argentina =)
21 February 2012

Tyler - Yep many more of these to come for my youtube but for my members section the videos are much longer and i speak throughout them in the gym.  The one I edited today came out to be 27 minutes long

Tyler when I workout my muscles show extremely well but when I dont workout I look like a regular guy what would you recommend me doing? I look well defined and ripped and huge and in great shape during workout but when im not in the gym I look like a regular person
21 February 2012

Tyler - Sounds like it's time that you put on some more mass

What are you taking for supps these days? Thanks
21 February 2012

Tyler - Evogen Stack...EVP,Glycoject,Cell Kem

Quick thanks for your response. Keep it up, man. Once again, great site.
21 February 2012

Tyler - no problem anytime

Tyler -how many grams of carbs are you taking a day, and how are you distributing them? I know you used to avoid carbs imager in the day is this still the case?
20 February 2012

Tyler - avoiding carbs is not the case anymore. i'm currently carb cycling but i'll be posting my daily food logs again in my members section in 3 weeks so you will be able to see exactly what i'm eating every day.

should i tuck my elbows when performing incline chest press ? or just elbows tuck when only performing flat chest press? thx ~
18 February 2012

Tyler - not sure what you mean by elbows tucked?

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