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New Years Resolutioners

63138 261066910685888 253127183 n New Years ResolutionersIt's about to be that time again...a new year...a new you...you are excited about starting a workout routine to lose weight, build size, or whatever it may be.  Every year people set one of their new years resolutions to make it a point to get to the gym.  What tends to happen is they will go for 4-6 weeks or so and fizzle out.  DON'T LET THIS BE YOU!  It's great that you are wanting to change but going into something blindly without a clear cut plan of attack is setting yourself up for FAILURE.  What I see happen is people are so excited about the gym that they think starting off going 5-6 days a week working their ass off is going to be the key to success.  THAT IS THE WRONG way of going about this.  If you don't go to the gym at all or have been going but things get lackluster through the holiday season then why jump into something not knowing anything and what will happen is that you will burn out.  The only way you are going to get the body you desire is making this a lifestyleThere are no short cuts, no fad diets, and no magic pills that will substitute the amount of LONG term work you have to be willing to put in.  If you are just starting out I suggest going to the gym just 1-2 times a week for the first 3-4 weeks.  Once you hit the 3-4 week mark add another day and so on.  Gradually increasing your workout load is the key to success and making this a habit not just a hopeful quick fix.  You need to take the time and put forth the effort into clean and healthy eating rather than having the mindset that you need to be going to the gym almost every day of week to start off with.  Remember YOU CAN'T OUTWORK A POOR DIET.  You will be surprised at the progress you can make by just changing your eating habits and slowly work yourself into a 5-6 day workout regimen.  So good luck to each and every one of you that plans on starting a workout plan in order to get the body you have always desired to have and to everyone else that this is already your lifestyle keep up the hard work and keep the progression rolling!!

Quick Tips:

  • Make a plan
  • Gradually work yourself up to going several days a week
  • Do your research!
  • Keep a journal
  • Take progress pictures
  • Take measurements
  • Do monthly or weekly weigh ins
  • Enjoy the process and make it a lifestyle habit

Starting a New Chapter

11weeksout Starting a New Chapter

11 Weeks Out from my upcoming shoots 8/29/2012.. 214.5lb

I look at life as one big book with several different chapters that continuously are being written as your life story. As of Monday the decision was made to start a new chapter.  I will be moving back to my hometown of Roanoke,VA mid November once I get finished up with my shoots.  I need to stay here in Nashville to finish out with all of my in person clients and prepare for the biggest shoots of my life.  The reason for my move is that I am now single and the only reason I was in Nashville in the first place was for my girlfriend.  Nashville is a great city but it lacks what I'm really passionate about and that is the fitness industry.  If my dream was to be in the music industry I would be golden by being here but it's not.  Moving back to Roanoke will only be temporary but I look at it as a fresh start.  One of my ultimate goals is to  eventually end up in Cali.  The fitness industry is booming there and I absolutely love it but financially it wouldn't be a smart move right now.  I am looking forward to being around my family and friends again since I havn't lived there in about 4 years.  I'm very interested in seeing what this new chapter will consist of and I'll be sharing my experiences along the way!

shavedhead 300x286 Starting a New Chapter

I got my head shaved yesterday..it was time for a new look and I got tired of the mop hair lol

This week was the start of TMT-PHASE TWO CYCLE 2 and the workouts have been PHENOMENAL!!  The book comes out September 14th!  The concept of this book is heavy duty low rep volume training for the first 4 weeks then higher rep volume training for the last 4 weeks.  The goal was to go through a mini strength builder so that you will be able to use heavier weight for the hypertrophy rep ranges (muscle growth).  My chest is still sore from Monday and my legs almost gave out of my several times yesterday.  At one point of the workout I had to lay on the floor because it is INTENSE!  I LOVE VOLUME TRAINING!

photo175 1024x768 Starting a New Chapter

Homemade burgers on whole wheat toasted buns

Today I woke up at the weight of 214.5lb.  After increasing my food last week since I'm still trying to fill out and get bigger I ended up losing weight damnit lol.  That's down about 2lb but honestly the number doesn't bother me I go by what I see in the mirror and my progress pictures that I analyze.  I'm very happy with the way things are going right now and my workouts are better than ever.  I feel my biggest I've ever been and I know I've said this before but I never would have thought I'd be able to eat the amount of food that I am and be in this type of condition.  I've never been this size with this body fat level!  Only a few more weeks of filling out then I'll go into my cutting phase.  Today was my clean cheat day so I had 4 homemade burgers and they were delicious icon smile Starting a New Chapter


Philly Trip Recap

What an awesome experience!  A short vacation to visit my good friend Anthony was just what I needed.  On Friday my day got started at 3:50am Nashville time since I had to be at the airport by 5am.  It wasn't a direct flight so my layover was in Chicago.  The first flight was hideous since it was one of those tiny regional planes and the guy sitting beside me was my height as well.  Needless to say it was a cramped 1hr flight.  I was able to get a 20 minute or so nap on the next flight to Philly and I arrived at 12pm.  Once I got in we relaxed for a couple hours then went to the Sports Club and trained some DELTS!  Ridiculous workout! I brought up some NOXplode 2.0 since I had some free samples and it was a lot easier then bringing up all my supplements.  This was the first time I had taken this stuff in years and it had me tweaking in the gym lol.  I'm not a fan of that feeling and what I mean by tweaking is that it had me so hyped up I didn't want to stop moving and mentally just not a good feeling to have in the gym IMO.  After that went back to the apt and knocked down a couple more meals before we headed out for drinks.  We went to a few different places that night.   The Continental, Morgans Pier, and Ladder 15.  It was a great night and even though I only was running on a couple of hours I was a trooper and made it all night.  One of his friends that he works with Ryan also joined up with us and I havn't had this much fun IN A WHILE!  The city life is something that I do miss because Philly reminded me a lot of NYC.  Just a scaled down smaller version.  The next day we got up and I still had a buzz from the night before for the majority of the day lol.  We did a few things around the city and then it was that time again to get a workout in.  We got after some ARMS and it was a crazy workout.  Sick pump and it was the first time I'd ever gotten nauseous from an arm workout.  Now I don't know if it was because of the partying or the intensity of the workout...most likely a combination of both.  By the time we finished up our workout and got cleaned up we headed to dinner and ate at a place called Devon.  Amazing seafood restaurant that's right beside of one of the main parks in the city so we sat outside to do some people watching.  I got a 10pc ahi tuna sushi roll and tomato basil salad for appetizer.  Crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for my main coarse.  Desert was a mojito :)  As you can see this was a very scaled down version of my normal cheats but I wanted to be able to go out and have more drinks and not be totally stuffed.  Later on we ended up back at Ladder 15 and had a blast!  Yesterday for lunch we got some Philly Cheese steaks!  I couldn't go to Philly without trying one!  It was delicious icon smile Philly Trip Recap Overall it was a great trip.  A much needed trip since now it's time to crack down for the next 11.5 weeks to get in the best shape of my life for my upcoming shoots.  So that means I pretty much will not be doing anything social until I'm done shooting.  It was great hanging out and catching up with Anthony and making a new friend Ryan.  We talked about all taking a trip to Vegas together at some point and they are going to come down and visit me here in Nashville as well.  I know that's gonna be one hell of a time!


80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

aug18obey 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

A couple shots of vodka in me before heading out to an Italian feast!

Let the count down begin!  I'm now at 80 days till my shoots and I'm starting to slowly change a few things.  One change is that I'm downsizing my cheats.  Reason for this is that I want to make this process on myself of getting super shredded as easy as possible.  I'm back to my 45 minute rule where I have to be done with everything within 45 minutes and be done for the night.. The past couple weekends I kinda threw that rule out the window lol.  My Wednesday clean cheat will now take place during the day and it will be the same every week.  2 homemade hamburgers on whole wheat bread.  I picked up a pack of frozen sirloin patties and a big bag of whole wheat buns from Costco yesterday.  So the change there is that Wednesday won't be a huge feast anymore either.  The more I think about these upcoming shoots the more excited I get!  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've been in front of the camera.  I think another thing that is really exciting me is that I'm taking matters into my own hands and controlling my own destiny by doing the type of pictures I WANT and feel that I NEED to help reach my goals within the fitness industry.  These pictures are going to be just FITNESS pictures.  The possibility of me going to South Africa to shoot is still on the table but that will take place in 2013.  So for right now my sole focus is on my upcoming November shoots.

salverinos 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Cheat meal last night was at Savarino's which was featured on Food Network's show Triple D..(one of my favorite food porn shows lol)

TMT-PHASE Two has been great thus far!  I have one more week of cycle 1 then I switch over to the final 4 weeks for Cycle 2!  I have consistently gotten DOMS after every workout so that is a clear sign that these workouts are just as good as Phase 1 despite being set up totally different.  My strength is definitely increasing and for one example my first week I did 105lb for my last set of standing straight bar curls, the second week I did 115lb and yesterday I cranked out 125lb! As the book release gets closer I will start to reveal more information and go into further detail of what TMT-PHASE TWO has to offer.  But like I said in a previous post be ready to beat the shit out of your body with heavier weights and get ready to increase your STRENGTH!

This upcoming weekend is my PHILLY TRIP!  I'm very excited to get up there and hang out with my boy Anthony!  I texted him earlier this week and asked if it was cool that we stay on my training schedule and he was up for it so we will be training Shoulders Friday and Arms Saturday. This will be my last weekend of partying/drinking until I'm done with my shoots. I'm finally able to update my facebook page through my iPhone again.  The new facebook app doesn't allow it so I researched some about it yesterday and realized you have to dload a page manager app to be able to update it.  So there will be plenty of pictures of my traveling this upcoming weekend!

aug19cardio 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Great cardio session.. 30 min incline treadmill on 15% and speed at 3.4 keeping heart rate at 135-140 today's cardio music was
Afrojack - funk with me
Kaskade - only you
Afrojack - replica
Bingo players - mode
Swedish house mafia - you (vocal mix)


Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

aug16 Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.


Time flies by!  As I'm getting older I'm noticing that the weeks go by A LOT faster then they did when I was in my late teens and early 20's.  Shit sucks lol!  Summer is almost over and next thing you know it'll be the holidays again.  One thing that is a huge plus about getting older (which I'll be turning 28 on November 24) is muscle maturity.  I'm really starting to notice my muscles getting a more mature look that comes with years spent hammering away at the weights.  Most males really start to hit their prime physique wise I'd say all through their 30's if they've played their cards right.  Today my day got started off with 30 minutes of low intensity treadmill walk.  I read some of the dumbest shit the other day from an interview of a guy who says that only guys who use steroids can benefit from doing fasted cardio.  I'm not quite sure what he means by this but it's his opinion.  Doing cardio as soon as you wake up is my favorite time to do it because it allows me to knock it out first thing and not have to worry about getting it in for the rest of the day.  I suggest to everyone whether your doing do it empty stomach or later on to keep your cardio separate from your weight training.  As soon as your done with weight training you want to focus on the repair process immediately to keep your body anabolic.  I understand some peoples schedules might not allow that but if yours does keep it separate. Later on I started putting TMT-PHASE 2 together as a book and before I knew it it was time to train some BACK!  I got a RIDICULOUS pump and I know that my  my clean cheat last night helped out with that along with my strength being through the roof!  Last night I had 5oz beef, 2 cups white rice, sun flower kernels, sushi, and a tomato salad.  Next week I'm going to switch it up but beef and white rice and sushi are definitely a favorite.

photo160 1024x1024 Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

5oz beef, 2 cups white rice, sunflower kernels, sushi, tomato salad

TMT-Phase 2 will now be an 8 week program.  Reason being is since I've got this upcoming shoot once I'm done with phase 2 that will put me at 6 weeks out.  I've got one more week of Cycle 1 then I move onto cycle 2 which is weeks 5-8.  Phase 2 so far has allowed me to make some really solid gains.  I did my weekly assessment yesterday and I woke up at a weight of 215lb!  Body fat still reading under 5% so I'm extremely happy that I've been able to maintain my body fat but put quality size on. So Phase 3 will be a 6 week program geared towards getting into crazy photo shoot condition.  Once I'm 4-6 weeks out cheat meals will get cut out as well.  My goals is to be 3.5% body fat and DRY for this shoot.  You will be able to follow my diet as it changes and what I do to peak my condition the day of the shoot all on my members section!

Everyone keep up the hard work!

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." -Michael Jordan



embracepain 300x187 TMT PHASE 2 SICKNESS!

Embrace the PAIN, Push past the PAIN, and remember it's only temporary....screenshot from upcoming TMT-PHASE 2 video coming soon!

Today was LEG day and as I'm writing this over an hour has passed since the workout and my legs are still feeling numb!  Phase 2 is no joke and if you are doing Phase 1 you will know I don't fuck around when it comes to my workouts lol.  Be ready to beat the shit out of your body with heavier weights to thicken your muscles up and get stronger in Phase 2!  I've been filming every workout so there will be plenty of videos that go along with the book.  Today I spoke with my webmaster and my members section blog is now being built so it should be any time now and it'll be up and running.  My new shoes came in the mail yesterday just in time for leg day today.  When I train legs I like to feel the floor.  That being said I refuse to buy vibrams (the toe finger shoes or however the hell you describe them)

photo1411 300x225 TMT PHASE 2 SICKNESS!

my new gym training shoes

I had to retire my old otomix training shoes because they are several years old and  I was just tired of them and they look hideous.  So the next best thing to feel the floor was wrestling shoes.  It's the first time I've ever bought a pair and I absolutely loved the way they felt today.  Tomorrow night is Clean Cheat Wednesday's! and I'll be posting exactly what I'm having along with pictures so you guys can see what a clean cheat is for me.  At the end of this month I'm going up to Philly to visit my good friend Anthony...I've never been up there and I can't wait to catch up with him since it's been over a year since we've hung out and get some good workouts in...along with some good drinking in icon wink TMT PHASE 2 SICKNESS! and can't forget about some good northern food!  I'll take a lot of pictures of my trip and I might get some video footage of one of our workouts.  Well I gotta get back to work soon one more client to train for the day and I'm done.

photo140 300x300 TMT PHASE 2 SICKNESS!

Calf Progress - finally showing some growth!


Questions – 8/6/2012

shoutbox7 300x18034 Questions   8/6/2012Joseph
Do you have any experience with Stretch Marks, or any advice on the best way to treat/prevent them?
5 August 2012

Tyler - I have them.  Keep the areas moisturized is about the only thing I know to tell you.  I started getting them after my first year of lifting.  I think if your prone to getting them there is nothing you can do.

After finding out that, unfortunately, the WBFF does NOT drug test and yet they call themselves a Natural Bodybuiilding Federation, I am feeling a bit disillusioned about the whoie scene. Who are some of the individuals that you look up to for motiviation that you know are working drug-free to enhance their physiques such as yourself? Thanks for the daily motifvation man. Keep doing your thing!
5 August 2012

Tyler - I follow professional bodybuilders.  It doesn't bother me that they use massive amounts of drugs.  The drugs aren't doing the work for them and making the sacrifice it takes to be at that level.  I have friends that use steroids.   At this point in my life my biggest motivator is myself but I've always followed the freaks!  I've done one cycle myself in 2008 and that was enough for me.  I don't regret doing it and it was a great experience but my health is my priority and I'm very happy with the progress I'm making being natural.

Hey Tyler...could you post pictures of your clean cheat meals?...really interested in seeing what the WW waffles,pancakes, and 2 pbandj sandwhiches looked like portion wise.
3 August 2012

Tyler - Yeah I will post pictures along with measurements

Are you taking any supplements do you take on your off days?
3 August 2012

Tyler - Yeah I take all my supporting supplements.  I only take my pre and intra shakes on days I train.





After taking all day off yesterday except for my morning 30 minute walk I got some quality rest and was ready to crush it today!  Today was BACK training of TMT-PHASE 2 and it was SICK but I will have to make a couple tweaks on this one to make it just right.  Since the additions of food my body is responding great and I'm slowly filling out while maintaining my level of body fat.  Today at the gym I weighed myself (which I never do I usually weigh first thing in the morning empty stomach) and it said 224lb!  Granted that is after 3 meals and with my gym clothes on but I wasn't expecting that number lol.  Last night was the start of Clean Cheat Wednesday's!  Every Wednesday I'll be having a clean cheat meal and I'll post what that will consist of every week.  Last night I had Whole wheat waffles, Whole wheat pancakes, and 2 natural peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat.  Another addition to my new training program is twice a week I'll be adding some HIIT cardio.  Nothing crazy just 10 minutes directly after my workout on days that I don't do AM cardio.  So that'll give me a total of about 2.5hrs of cardio a week.  The reason I'm adding this in is just to experiment and see how my body responds.  Plus it'll be a fun interesting addition.  I'll post all of my HIIT sessions on here as well twice a week.  Today I did:

  1. Jump Rope 1 Minute
  2. 30 seconds Russian Twist (lying on the floor balancing yourself on your ass twisting fast back in forth)
  3. Repeat back in for for 5 rounds
  4. Stair Climber 3 minutes level 8.0 (my legs to a crazy ass pump just from being on there 3 minutes)

"Change is essential for growth, and change is inevitable for all of us in many forms.  Institute change in your life or workouts to get rid of stagnation and move to more rarefied air.  Seek out change.  Become comfortable with change and welcome it, for whenever something dies there is also a birth.  Life demands that we constantly let go and adapt.  Hanging on can slow your journey and personal progress.  I want you to take the approach that change is a springboard to higher ground.  When you program your mind this way, you will immediately find the gifts that change brings.  Sometimes it just takes a minute to get your mind focused on the new abundance, and off of what you've been trained to knee-jerk and perceive as a loss.  It is a choice you make in your heart, for that is where you find your beliefs and your future.  Change your programming and change your destiny.  Meanwhile, enjoy the journey." - Kevin Levrone



june29 225x300 Randomness

6/29/2012 - Progress Pic..still have a little more fat to go especially in my lower midsection


This week is coming to an end again and I just had some random things to speak about as you can see below.  Something that I changed this week for my cardio is that I'm staying totally covered up now.  Usually I do my cardio just in shorts in a t-shirt but this week for all of my sessions I wore sweat pants and a winter fleece type of zip up hoodie along with an AB sweat belt.  The point of this is to create an even more thermogenic cardio session by heating up your body temp.  So I figured why not get the maximum benefits that are possible for each cardio session..remember..it's the details.  You will sweat like crazy but if you ever pay attention to your midsection when wearing just shorts and a t-shirt it stays cold while the rest of your body is heated.  The ab belt keeps that area heated and I can tell a difference just in this week on my midsection.  I decided to do this because one of the trainers that I study his methods (Neil Hill) gets all of his clients to use this method so I did some research and applied it to myself.  Give it a try and see if it works for you!

Today was QUADS!  I'm feeling extremely drained from it after I had gotten home and showered on my way back down the steps my legs literally almost gave out on me.  I got some good video footage of the workout so that video will also be up very soon since everyone that bought the ebook this past week should be starting up Cycle 2 this upcoming week.  After I got cleaned up and had a couple of meals I had to make a Costco trip and my legs still felt full and numb!  Needless to say it was a great workout and I can't wait for you guys to try it out! Ending the week off with a volumized leg session leaves your body depleted and ready for a carb up!  Tomorrow I'm thinking some good old PopEye's fried chicken,mashed potato,mac n cheese, and carrot cake cupcake!

In 2 weeks I'll be making my annual summer trip to my hometown Roanoke,VA and I can't wait!  I have not been up there since X-Mas so it's definitely past due.  I'm looking forward to seeing my whole family and getting some kick ass workout sessions with all of my old training partners.  Another plus is that all the gyms in Roanoke are surprisingly better than here in Nashville.  I'll be going up for a full week so I'll be getting some workout video footage of my training partners and I.

Random Thoughts to end with:
Ask yourself this question next time before walking into the gym.  What are you thinking about during every rep of every set of every exercise?  Do you actually think about every inch of every rep or are you just moving the weight?  It takes unparalleled concentration and ability to block out the rest of the world; but if you can do it you will be thrilled with the results.  Set your mind on the perfect rep and never compromise that form.  Execute each rep to perfection.  When form gets compromised, so do your gains.

Today I read a pretty interesting article that makes total since to me and I can very much relate to this.  It's an article on how mental stress can wreck your gains.  Written by Charles Poliquin from www.charlespoliquin.com

"Decrease your stress to recover faster from intense training and make strength gains today. By managing your mental and physical stress levels you will get better results in the gym, have a better body composition, and a happier life. I know it sounds too simple, but you must manage your stress if you want to “be all you can be.”

New research shows that stress will hamper results and put you at risk for poor performance, which will cause you more stress! Don’t let this happen! A new study in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that in trained college students, those who had higher stress scores on two well respected stress scales had a delayed recovery from a high-intensity lower body resistance training workout. Participants performed multiple leg extension sets to failure and then had their psychological stress levels measured during a one-hour period.

Recovery of maximal isometric strength was nearly 10 percent lower in the students who were more stressed. There was a distinct inverse relationship between lower stress ratings and greater recovery of maximal strength.

Researchers suggest the mechanism behind delayed recovery has to do with a chronic overactivation of the stress hormone response—mainly cortisol. This causes a cascade of negative physiological effects that may include irregular muscular activation, altered breathing, low blood pH, altered neural firing patterns, poor glucose tolerance, and atrophic gene expression, which shifts the body to a more tissue degrading state."

legscreenshot 300x168 Randomness

Screenshot from Quad Video - 6/29/2012 Nashville



Brutal Shoulders!

screenshotjune28 300x168 Brutal Shoulders!

Screenshot from Shoulder video 6/28/2012

The past couple of days have been slow for me with my in person clients so it's been nice to get some extra recovery and rest time in between workouts.  Yesterday was my off day and today I annihilated shoulders and they still have a numbness to them :)  My off days from weights has stayed pretty consistent with taking Wednesday's and Sunday's off.  Today my day got started off by hitting the incline treadmill for 30 minutes on an empty stomach (I take 10g BCAA,500mg Carnitine,200mg Caffeine pre cardio) then doing online work for a couple of hours and had to re-up on 40lb of chicken.  I decided to grill up half of it today and that took about an hour from prepping to cleaning up.  It's nice not having to cook every day or every couple of days so I suggest you cook in bulk too.  Plus is allows you to always be prepared with food rather than having to make an excuse and fall off your plan.  It eventually became time to brutalize shoulders and I was amped up for this workout!  I got some clips of it on video so I'll have that video up soon so you will be able to catch a glimpse of Cycle 2 of TMT-Phase One.  I show the Snail Pace Technique which is one of many intensity techniques that are in my program along with a couple of my other exercises.

photo561 300x225 Brutal Shoulders!

about 20llb of chicken