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Workout of the week LEGS + HIIT

photo120 Workout of the week LEGS + HIITThis weeks workout of the week is LEGS.  I did this workout on Tuesday and my legs are still feeling it today.  If you skip leg day you are missing out on total body growth.  I'll admit in my first several years of lifting I never really hit legs with the correct intensity and all out mentality that leg day takes in order to achieve maximum results.  It really wasn't up until the past two years that I really started training them correctly and I've noticed change and development rather quickly since doing so.  For a while I split up my quads and hamstrings by training one at the start of the week and the other at the end.  For the past year I've kept it to once a week and sometimes my leg sessions will last over two hours long.  Talk about feeling completely out of it and drained for the entire next day :)  So one of my goals has been to improve my squat.  I've had to deal with minor aches, pains and injuries including IT Band pain, hip pain, and knee issues.  For the past month or so though my lower body has been feeling good (knock on wood) and my squats have been improving almost weekly.  This was the first time since probably in my early 20's when I weighed 255lb that I got under 405lb.  These are no quarter bullshit half reps either.  I go slightly under parallel to the floor (at 6'3 anything lower feels like a danger zone).  On that last set of squats I went from 405lb for 1 rep directly into a dropset with 315lb for 10.  I had to lye on the floor after that one since my whole world felt pretty loopy.  There was even a guy at the gym that came over to me to make sure I was alright lol.  So I hope you guys enjoy the pain and challenge of this workout and make sure to NEVER SKIP LEG DAY! Until next time train like a champion and RISE ABOVE!

5 min warm up on bike

  1. Squats - bar x 10, 95lbx10, 135lb x 5, 225lbx 5, 275lbx 5, 315lbx 4, 335lbx 4, 365lbx 2, 405lbx1 then drop 315lb x10 , then drop 225lbx 10, then drop 135lbx 20
  2. Lying leg curl - 4x15,12,10,10 plus rest pause for 2 reps twice
  3. Lunges - 3x20 total steps, 80lb, 100lb, 120lb
  4. Leg press - 8 plates x 15, 10plates x 15, 12plates x 15, 14 plates x 15, 16plates x 12
  5. Tri set (exercises done back to back with no rest)
    Leg ext - 3x15 plus 2 drops on last set
    Seated leg curl - 3x15 (pause for 2 seconds at contraction
    Leg press machine calve raise - 4x15
  6. Seated leg curl - 3x15
  7. Stair climber 10 rounds of 30sec all out sprint

Week 1 of TMT-Phase 2 complete! & News Update

photo1311 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

Screen shot from upcoming shoulder video for TMT-PHASE 2!

That was one hell of a week!  The workouts are crazy intense and so far so good as for being just as good as they look on paper.  There was only a couple minor tweaks that I made to perfect it.  Today my friend Brian joined up with me and we got after some arms!  I've already started filming my workouts and I've done 2 videos this week which I'll be putting out once the book is released in September.  This morning I didn't do any cardio except take the dogs for a 30 minutes walk a couple hours after my first meal.  I did my second session of HIIT cardio for the week after trashing arms and today I did 5 minutes on the spin bike by doing 1 min at a decent pace then a 30 second sprint (extremely painful leg pumps).  After the 5 grueling minutes were done I went on to the stair climber and did 2 minutes level 7.0 then 1 minute 8.0 and that wrapped up my workout for today.  Tonight I was completely ravenous and for my cheat meal Suzanne and I went to my favorite burger spot here in East Nashville called The Pharmacy.  I had the Farm Burger which has egg,ham and bacon on it and the cheeseburger which has 3 different types of cheese on it along with sweet potato fries and tots.  I washed it all down with a German beer that was 12% alcohol content (that one beer gave me a nice buzz).  After we finished that up I just wasn't feeling full or satisfied so I stopped by Burger King and tried the Texas BBQ Whopper and finished everything off with some ice cream when I got home icon smile Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

thepharmacy 300x300 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

Favorite Burger spot in Nashville!

So after A LOT of thinking I've decided against going to South Africa or NYC in the near future to shoot.  I know I'm a very indecisive person sometimes lol but I just want to make sure I'm making the correct moves in order to further my progress towards my goals.  That being said the reasoning behind this is that I've really only been doing the correct nutrition,training, and supplementation for about 13 weeks now.  Yeah I built up my body for the first 6 years by training correctly and taking supplements but my nutrition was always horrible. Then I had the 1.5 years away from my passion where I completely threw everything away to try to be a fashion model.  Then after I got over that I was still in a confused state of mind of what exactly I wanted to do with my career and body.  Fast forward till recently it wasn't until I got very sick with pneumonia that it was a life changing experience for me.  If you've been following my site for a while then you will remember my ups and downs...my downs being where I wouldn't post ANYTHING for weeks on end...during those times I was very down on myself for the fact that I was always stressing out about my nutrition and could never accomplish the type of shape that I'm in now.  I was continuously spinning my wheels and the thought of quitting and giving everything up was constantly on my mind.  I was thinking of just getting a different job and going back to school for who knows what.  So the gist of the story is that I want to give my body more time to improve.  I've never seen it change weekly like it is and I've never done an "off season" style of nutrition and training correctly.  I feel this is the best time for me to do this since my head is on straight and my priorities are in the right place.  My plan now is to take the next 5 months and really focus on making solid improvements to my physique before I get back in front of the camera.  This will allow me to maintain where my body fat is now and make solid gains where I need to and not have to diet hard to get down to 3-3.5% body fat for a shoot (which is the percent I want to be for my next shoot) There is one photographer in particular that I am going to set a shoot up with that is famous for just FITNESS shots. I plan on doing this at the beginning of 2013!  Until then I will continue putting out plenty of content on here and my youtube channel!  Thanks again for the continuous support!  Everyone keep training hard and stay focused on your goals!

aug4 225x300 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

8/4/2012 - Progress "Suffer the PAIN of Discipline, or Suffer the PAIN of REGRET"


Questions – 7/7/2012

shoutbox7 300x18027 Questions   7/7/2012yaseen
Hey Tyler what do you think about the IIFYM diet (followed by Layne Norton and a lot of other natty bodybuilders) the basic premise being you can fit different foods into your macros. It allows for a variety of foods to be eaten that would otherwise be considered bodybuilding-unfriendly, like bread and fruit.
6 July 2012

Tyler - I've never really studied the IIFYM diet so I don't have an opinion about that. Your still going to have to eat healthy foods in order to fuel your body and get the most out of it.  Since when was bread and fruit not bodybuilding friendly?  I'm eating foods now that I never have and never thought I would be able to be in my all time best condition eating this way so don't think that you have to eat basic traditional bodybuilding meal plan.

Hey Tyler how important is it to embrace the journey to achieving your fitness goals? I think often times I get caught up in wanting everything NOW, what do you think about being patient?
6 July 2012

Tyler - To me it's my everything...it's what makes me want to get out of bed every day and work hard.  You can't get caught up in wanting everything now because it doesn't work like that. Bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint.  YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT.

Tyler, have you ever had any type of cheat food during the week before you got to your cheat meal on saturday? Yesterday after my 5th meal, my sweet tooth got the best of me and i put down 6 low fat pop tarts. So should i not eat my cheat meal on saturday. Should i just proceed with my routine like normal and not worry about it? Thanks man.
5 July 2012

Tyler - I have...this was before I really took my nutrition serious though.  Go by how you feel and look if you want to take your cheat or not. 


23 Days Out

videos9 300x120137 23 Days Out
23 days until I go to NYC to shoot for Silver Models. In this video I explain different techniques for chest and shoulder exercises. At the end of the video I show a couple reps of my HIIT cardio done outside...Hill Sprints.

Incline DB Press - 3x8-12
Flat DB press - 3x8-12
Incline DB Fly - 3x8-12
Incline Barbell Press - 2x8-12
Pec Dec - 3x8-12
Giant Set Standing Laterals - 2 sets
Rope standing Cable Front Raise - 3x8-12


Questions – 2/9/2012

shoutbox7 300x1803 Questions   2/9/2012Sam
Ty, just reffering back to my previous post but just curious as to why you said that running "burns off more muscle" than doing a stair climber? if you are working in a similar heart rate zone for the same amount of time what is the difference?
9 February 2012

Tyler - If you keep your heart rate in the same zone then there isn't a difference.   I just personally prefer to do low impact because when I used to run and sprint a lot last year my hips,knees,calfs would give me problems all the time and it made my leg strength WEAK for my workouts.

Tyler - I am getting ready to start my cut in a few days and was wondering if I should be taking creatine while I cut and if so what kind? I have gotten mixed opinions when talking to people in the gym about this. I am just about ready to order some supplements and would like to know if I should add this to the list.
9 February 2012

Tyler - I would for sure keep the creatine in.  It will help keep your strength while cutting down.  The only thing creatine might cause is a little water retention and you don't have to worry about that until a week before you were to say go  on vacation,photo shoot,competition, etc. and then at that point a week before you would stop taking it and the little bit of water will come off.

Hey Tyler, hope your doing well. I have a quick question regarding diet. I'm 18, 5'10, and 160 lbs. and have a pretty fast metabolism, and I'm trying to gain lean mass. With that said, do I need to focus on clean diet (chicken, fish, sweet potato, oats, egg white, brown rice, etc.) 100% of the time or should I allow cheat meals? If I should, how often? Thanks for the inspiration Tyler, it truly makes a difference to many!
8 February 2012

Tyler - You should still get in the habit of eating several clean meals a day but don't be afraid to have 2-3 cheat meals a week.  If you see that your gaining fat quickly then back it down to just 2 and if your body can't handle that back it down to 1.  But seeing that your 160lb and have a cranking metabolism I think you'll be good with 3.  Just spread them out over the week. 1 at the start one at the middle and another towards the end.  Also another thing to keep in mind when you have your cheats is make sure your still getting a lot of protein with it.  Don't just cheat on deserts and chips and junk like that.  ENJOY THE GOOD EATING! 

do u recommend to take a multivitamin or single vitamin? because i had read some articles that multivitamin sometimes cannot completely absorb into the body and a waste of money .. so what's your comment on it? thx~
7 February 2012

Tyler - I don't use a multi vitamin anymore or take single vitamins.  Everything you need for recovery is in Cell K.E.M.  That being said before I started working with Hany I was taking Optimum nutrition multi once a day with my first meal.

Hey i added you to PSN, do you still go on?
6 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I get on everyday.  I added all my new friend req on there hit me up

Hey Tyler- thanks for the response. so after research I've determined that my body needs anywhere from 200-350 grams of carbs a day. Rice is my favorite carb and a cup of rice seems to be 45-50 grams of carbs. Does this mean I can be eating 5-6 cups of rice a day and still be getting results. I feel as if I am eating that much rice gains in bodyfat will be sure to come. When I see many nutrition logs like yours and other fitness models they are not taking nowhere near 5-6 cups of rice. Thoughts?
5 February 2012

Tyler - It depends on what your goals are right now.  If your trying to build then 5-6 cups of rice will be fine however if your trying to cut down then that would be a bit much in my opinion.  I suggest giving it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you respond.

Excluding your daily 40 minutes of cardio, how many minutes or hours long is your daily workout? One trainer told me that more than an hour, counting rest periods, is too long.
5 February 2012

Tyler - 45 minutes to 1 hr.  the longest would be 1 hour and 15-20 minutes of so on a long leg day.



WORKOUT13 300x12024 ARMS/ABS/SPRINTsFor a switch up with arm training today I went high reps.  I ended my workout with 25 minutes on the treadmill.  2-3 minute long intervals on speeds of 10.0-11.0 followed by walking on 3.5 for 2 minutes. I did this back in forth till i reached 20 then walked on a incline of 14.0 for 5 minutes.  I also biked to and from the gym for a total of 3 miles.  On my rides I did sprints as well trying to go as fast as I could uphill for about 30 seconds.

  1. Cambered bar close grip preacher curls superset straight bar cable pressdown - 4x20
  2. standing straight bar curl superset bodyweight dips - 3x15-20
  3. spider curls superset rope pressdowns - 3x15-20
  4. standing concentration curls triset one arm over head db ext and seated reverse wrist curls - 3x20
  5. standing hammer db curls - 3x15
  6. rope crunches 3x15
  7. treadmill 25 minutes

Everyone have a great weekend!  I will have a new workout video up next week before I leave for the Arnold!