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Congrats to my online client Norman!


normanclient Congrats to my online client Norman!

Norman - 8 week transformation

"After doing Weight Watchers for a 1 year and working out with a trainer at the health club I belong to; Ifelt that I had hit a plateau and needed to do something to jump start my weight lost. Just to give you some back story in 2011 I weighed in at 343 lbs and after a year I was down to 270 lbs, but struggling to lose more. I decided to look into working with a different trainer and after speaking with trainers in my area I didn't feel inspired by any of them. One day while on YouTube I came across one of Tyler's videos and was pretty much impressed by his body, knowledge in regards to workouts and his willingness to share this information with the public. I checked out Tyler's blog and read about his own issues with food when he was younger. I was amazed that he was being so open about his struggles and the fact that he was able to overcome all that and transform his body into what it is today.

At this point I figured I would reach out to in regards to him in regards to working with me to help me achieve my weight/health goals. I was a little concerned as to how it would be possible for someone to train me when he has never met or spoken with me. After exchanging emails with Tyler I could tell that I had made the right decision to work with him. From week 1 to week 8 Tyler provided me with detail information in regards to a meal plan that would increase my metabloism and a workout plan that would help me burn fat and build muscles. I won't lie and say that it has been an easy 8 weeks; it is tough to stick to the meal plan and to get up every morning and do the required cardio, but I did it because I knew that if I wanted to achieve the goals I have for myself I had to be dedicated to the plan Tyler laid out for me. I had to put the hard work and time in. During those difficult times Tyler was very supportive and kept me motivated. I am more than grateful to Tyler for all his help over the last 8 weeks and I look forward to working with him going forward. He is the real deal! For those out there who are concerned about working with a trainer virtual let me tell you that if you work with Tyler those concerns will disappear the moment you have a conversation with him.
Also, I want to say that his ebook TMT-PHASE 1 is pretty awesome. While I can't do all of the workouts in the ebook just yet I have done a number of them and I have noticed a difference; especially with my arms. So if you aren't looking for a trainer, but looking to take your workout to the next level I recommend you get Tyler's ebook." - Norman


Questions – 9/11/2012

shoutbox7 300x18042 Questions   9/11/2012Brayden
Tyler, I am starting to get my diet on track and i feel like i am doing a pretty good job. The biggest problem i have been having is my portion size. How much would you say is good to eat each meal?
11 September 2012

Tyler - this depends on a lot of factors.  In my members section I have my fully detailed diets etc. there is also a place for you to ask questions about your own meal plan.

Hey Tyler- I was wondering what pt certification do you have? Also, what which one would you reccomend attaining if you were just trying start working as a personal trainer?
10 September 2012

Tyler - I'm certified through ISSA. I would just go with one of the top ones.  I know some gyms only allow certain ones.  I'm an independent contractor and I feel that's the best way to go for personal training since most gyms will take  HUGE percentage per client.  Something to keep in mind.  ACSM is another very good one...good luck to you!

hey man. you mentioned on numerous occassions that you cook your meat in bulk and then freeze it. i was wondering if there is any harmful risk with that? and also how long does cooked chicken (for example) last frozen? and also lastly, ihow do you go about defrosting it?
10 September 2012

Tyler - there is nothing harmful about doing it this way to my knowledge.  If there was I would not be doing it.  I cook about 15-20lb at a time or so.  Freeze them in bags that will last a couple days each.  To defrost them I just put them in a sink with some water and let it set for about 30 minutes.  As for how long the frozen cooked chicken will last...I'm not sure but I go through it pretty quickly and it's always still good.

daniel g
hey tyler i could do leg raises on the floor and on a captains chair but i cant do them while hanging can u tell me how i could start doing them while hanging thanks
7 September 2012

Tyler - I have the same problem.  when i do normal hanging leg raises from pull up bar it pulls on my shoulder joints so badly it causes pain.  I use the arm hangers that you can put your arms through and hang.

Hey Tyler, I purchased your Phase 1 , Looks great and cant wait to start it. Is there anyway you can have any workout sheets made for this program that I can take to the gym with me? I will also be buying Phase 2 so it would be great if you can make something up like that..Thanks
5 September 2012

Tyler - not sure what you mean by workout sheets? I don't track my weights weekly I keep it all in my head.

Quick question on cheat meals. How do you determine your cheat meals? Also do you still maintain a calorie deficit if you're cutting?
4 September 2012

Tyler - Not sure what you mean by how I determine a cheat meal??  I've been having a cheat meal every Saturday for a while.  I eat whatever I want for a 45 minute period.  If you want to see my fully detailed diets my member section just launched and it will all be on there!


10 Weeks Out!

sept5 10 Weeks Out!

9/5/2012 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots

I'm now 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots and I'm in my second week of Cycle 2 of TMT-PHASE TWO.  I woke up this morning weighing 217.4!  That being said I noticed a slight bit of softness starting to occur around my midsection.  Looking a little watery in this weeks pictures and my waist measurements were a tad higher so NO CHEAT MEALS THIS WEEK :(  Even though I havn't started my cutting process yet like I said in a previous post I want to make this process as easy as possible so skipping my cheat meals this week is what I'm doing to harden that area back up.  Overall I really like the way I look right now.  My strength,endurance and pumps have been insane!  Yesterday was leg day and it is by far one of the hardest leg workouts I've ever done.  I got it on film and it was my last day of filming for Phase 2 videos.  There will be 10 new videos coming out weekly once the book is released next week!  Also wanted to say that Cycle 2's chest workout is one of my all time favorite chest workouts I've ever designed.  You guys have some good shit to look forward to lol.  Today was supposed to be my off day but I ended up taking a Barry's Bootcamp Class.  If you don't know anything about it it's pretty much high intensity interval training.  First time I ran in a long ass time and the class kicked my ass! It was a great class and the option might be there for me to teach a couple classes a week.  I see now why there is a lot of hype around that gym.

So after A LOT of thinking I've decided to stay in Nashville.  For several reasons but the one major reason is that I don't want to give up my business that I've built up for the past two years and have to restart in VA.  As a personal trainer it takes time to build up a good clientele and it would be a pretty ignorant move on my part to just throw everything away here.  I went and checked out my new place tonight that I'll be moving into very soon and I'm extremely excited about this new chapter of my life.  It will be very interesting!

SEPT1arms 10 Weeks Out!

9/1/2012 - screen shot from upcoming arm video

A great video that I ran across tonight!  Give it a watch...very motivational!



photo1511 TMT PHASE 2 WEEK 2 DONE!

PROGRESS - 8/8/2012 “Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”- Irving Stone

Another productive kick ass week of workouts.  This week was even better than week 1 since all the kinks were worked out and the tweaks I had to make worked out perfectly.  Phase 2 is set up differently then phase 1.  There are still 3 cycles and it's still periodization but it's just different. This week I ended up only doing 1 HIIT session that was 5 minutes of 1 min jump rope followed by 20 lying leg raises back in forth 5 times. Then finished off with 5 minutes of stair climber at levels 7.0 and worked up to 9.0.  This morning for my usual treadmill empty stomach work I switched it up a bit and incorporated some light jogging.  5 minutes I walked on an incline of 12.0 then 5 minutes jogged on an incline of 5.0. Speeds were for 3.8 for walking and 5.5 for jogging.  It made my 30 minutes fly by so I might start doing that a couple times a week to see how my body responds..always keeping my heart rate at 130-140. Today to finish the week off strong was ARM DAY and my friends Brian M. and Andy W. joined. Andy told me that he came close to throwing up at one point and Brian texted me after we were done and home and said "Mother Fucker...I'm beat" lol.  Needless to say it was a SICK workout and all of our arms were pumped to the max!

Today I was just thinking some random thoughts and I am very happy with my decision to wait and shoot at the start of the new year.  I really want to make a statement with my next pictures that I do since I havn't been in front of the camera since 2010.  These are going to be solely fitness shots and I plan on looking freaky!  Giving my body this much time to make improvements I feel is going to pay off HUGE and the bottom line is I'm in no rush right now to get new pictures taken.. I want the timing to be right and I want to look better than ever!  Like I've said in previous post I'm finally starting to look the way that I've always envisioned myself when I first got started in everything.

photo152 1024x1024 TMT PHASE 2 WEEK 2 DONE!

CHEAT MEAL! 8/11/2012

Tonight was my cheat meal night and like usual I toar up some food!  I had some Popeyes chicken..a  3 piece and a biscuit with a small serving of mashed potatos. Then about an hour after that I had  2 home made cheese steak sandwiches. For desert I had some pancakes with nutella and banana on top :)  To get a little buzz going I had a couple Irish Car Bombs..one of my favorites!

Very proud and happy with one of my new online weight loss clients Norman! Here is his stats he's only been working with me for 4 weeks and I DON'T STARVE MY CLIENTS He's had trouble with eating all the food that's on the plan.  Just like all of my clients he gets a BIG cheat every week too. That being said It pisses me off when trainers starve their clients..hell anyone can lose weight if you starve them. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY! Back to Norman though..he's kicking ass! great job thus far but we have more work to do!

Weight Tracker
Starting weight: 269
Weight after week 1: 262.6
Weight after week 2: 260
Weight after week 3: 255.9
Weight after week 4: 252.2
Total weight lost: 16.8Measurement Tracker
Starting: waist 44, hips 44
After week 1: waist 43, hips 43
After week 2: waist 43, hips 43
After week 3: waist 42, hips 42.5
After week 4: waist 41, hips 42
Total inches lost: waist 3 inches, hips 2 inches


Screenshot for future TMT-PHASE 2 workout video!



One of my in-person clients Jared!

jared 300x300 One of my in person clients Jared!

Early 2011 - 8/3/2012

I'm very proud of my in-person client Jared Allman. We have been working together for about a year now and he has made some serious PROGRESS. I push him to his limit each and every workout! He started up with me a few months after his be

fore picture so he had made some good progress on his own..we are not done yet though we are pushing harder towards his goals and he is more focused than ever! make sure to check out his page too!


"My weight is something I have struggled with my whole life. It is amazing what you can do when you are focused, driven and training with the best in Nashville Tyler McPeak. Tyler understands my struggles and pushes me to step it up everyday. If you are looking for a trainer that "practices what he preaches" Inbox him.
I am halfway to my goal!!!" - Jared

Dates for the Pictures are- 1) Early 2011. 2) 8/3/2012


My Online Client Paul!!

paultransformation My Online Client Paul!!

3/23 - 7/19

I am VERY PROUD of Paul's hard work and dedication to the programs he's been following.  Right now we switched gears and are going to maintain his body fat where it's at now but fill his muscles back out!

"I am 45 years old and have lifted weights for decades never achieving the mass or definition I desired.  I found Tyler (ironically) through Twitter.  I only follow people that inspire me.  I checked out his website and was moved by his story and motivated by his journals.   Since I live in TX, his Online Program sounded like a great option.  I have previously worked with trainers but always felt like their workouts, supplementation and nutrition advice was very generic and did not necessarily fit my goals and/or body type.  I was excited about the prospect of a custom program. 

I began with Tyler on 3/23/12.  At that time I weighed 210 lbs and my body fat was 24%.  I thought I was in good shape.

One of the things I appreciate most about Tyler is that he never lets me get comfortable with my diet, supplementation or training.  He pushes me hard to achieve my goals.  He has great wisdom and a depth of knowledge with regard to training and how the body responds to it.   He is encouraging, available and responsive to questions and concerns.  The first few months with Tyler were crazy.   I saw significant results quickly.  Each workout took me to my limit and each week looked very different.

And then came TMT Phase 1.  Until then, I only thought I had been working out.  I am 5 weeks in and my training is at a whole new level of intensity.  I leave the gym every day saying to myself, “that is the hardest work out I have ever had.”  And my favorite response from Tyler to that is, “Just wait.”  I am already pumped about the release of TMT Phase 2 and the pain, challenge and overall results that await. 

Today (8/1/12), I weigh 180 lbs and am at 13% body fat.  I have more mass and definition than I have ever had in my life.  My current goal is to maintain this body fat and pack on muscle.  With Tyler’s coaching, I am confident I can achieve it." - Paul


LEGS Mountain Dog Style!

videos9 300x1201319 LEGS Mountain Dog Style!During my recent trip to my hometown Roanoke,VA I trained with one of my old training partners and personal trainer Cris Edmonds along with Brook Arrit. Cris has been working with John Meadows for the past year so Brook and I got a chance to let Cris train us on legs Mountain Dog style. This was his de-load week so it was lower volume than I'm used to from TMT-Phase One but it was still INTENSE!


Back Training with Cris Edmonds Mountain Dog Style!

videos9 300x1201318 Back Training with Cris Edmonds Mountain Dog Style!During my recent trip to my hometown Roanoke,VA I trained with one of my old training partners and personal trainer Cris Edmonds. Cris is also a NPC Bodybuilder and at the time of this video he is 16 weeks out of his next competition. He has been working with John Meadows for the past year so I got a chance to let Cris train me and take me through Mountain Dog Training. This was his de-load week so it was lower volume than I'm used to from TMT-Phase One but it was still INTENSE!



june29 225x300 Randomness

6/29/2012 - Progress Pic..still have a little more fat to go especially in my lower midsection


This week is coming to an end again and I just had some random things to speak about as you can see below.  Something that I changed this week for my cardio is that I'm staying totally covered up now.  Usually I do my cardio just in shorts in a t-shirt but this week for all of my sessions I wore sweat pants and a winter fleece type of zip up hoodie along with an AB sweat belt.  The point of this is to create an even more thermogenic cardio session by heating up your body temp.  So I figured why not get the maximum benefits that are possible for each cardio session..remember..it's the details.  You will sweat like crazy but if you ever pay attention to your midsection when wearing just shorts and a t-shirt it stays cold while the rest of your body is heated.  The ab belt keeps that area heated and I can tell a difference just in this week on my midsection.  I decided to do this because one of the trainers that I study his methods (Neil Hill) gets all of his clients to use this method so I did some research and applied it to myself.  Give it a try and see if it works for you!

Today was QUADS!  I'm feeling extremely drained from it after I had gotten home and showered on my way back down the steps my legs literally almost gave out on me.  I got some good video footage of the workout so that video will also be up very soon since everyone that bought the ebook this past week should be starting up Cycle 2 this upcoming week.  After I got cleaned up and had a couple of meals I had to make a Costco trip and my legs still felt full and numb!  Needless to say it was a great workout and I can't wait for you guys to try it out! Ending the week off with a volumized leg session leaves your body depleted and ready for a carb up!  Tomorrow I'm thinking some good old PopEye's fried chicken,mashed potato,mac n cheese, and carrot cake cupcake!

In 2 weeks I'll be making my annual summer trip to my hometown Roanoke,VA and I can't wait!  I have not been up there since X-Mas so it's definitely past due.  I'm looking forward to seeing my whole family and getting some kick ass workout sessions with all of my old training partners.  Another plus is that all the gyms in Roanoke are surprisingly better than here in Nashville.  I'll be going up for a full week so I'll be getting some workout video footage of my training partners and I.

Random Thoughts to end with:
Ask yourself this question next time before walking into the gym.  What are you thinking about during every rep of every set of every exercise?  Do you actually think about every inch of every rep or are you just moving the weight?  It takes unparalleled concentration and ability to block out the rest of the world; but if you can do it you will be thrilled with the results.  Set your mind on the perfect rep and never compromise that form.  Execute each rep to perfection.  When form gets compromised, so do your gains.

Today I read a pretty interesting article that makes total since to me and I can very much relate to this.  It's an article on how mental stress can wreck your gains.  Written by Charles Poliquin from www.charlespoliquin.com

"Decrease your stress to recover faster from intense training and make strength gains today. By managing your mental and physical stress levels you will get better results in the gym, have a better body composition, and a happier life. I know it sounds too simple, but you must manage your stress if you want to “be all you can be.”

New research shows that stress will hamper results and put you at risk for poor performance, which will cause you more stress! Don’t let this happen! A new study in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that in trained college students, those who had higher stress scores on two well respected stress scales had a delayed recovery from a high-intensity lower body resistance training workout. Participants performed multiple leg extension sets to failure and then had their psychological stress levels measured during a one-hour period.

Recovery of maximal isometric strength was nearly 10 percent lower in the students who were more stressed. There was a distinct inverse relationship between lower stress ratings and greater recovery of maximal strength.

Researchers suggest the mechanism behind delayed recovery has to do with a chronic overactivation of the stress hormone response—mainly cortisol. This causes a cascade of negative physiological effects that may include irregular muscular activation, altered breathing, low blood pH, altered neural firing patterns, poor glucose tolerance, and atrophic gene expression, which shifts the body to a more tissue degrading state."

legscreenshot 300x168 Randomness

Screenshot from Quad Video - 6/29/2012 Nashville



Why Varying Tempo is Critical to Lose Fat and Get More Powerful by Charles Poliquin

Here is a great article that I just read by world renowned trainer Charles Poliquin.  My program TMT-Phase One uses tempo manipulation in Cycle's 2 and 3!

Vary the tempo of your lifts to lose fat and get more powerful. Manipulating tempo is an easy way to modify the amount of time your muscles spend under a load, making it one of the best tools to help you break through plateaus and drop a few pounds of fat.

A fascinating new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows how varying tempo and load will produce very diverse physiological results. This study compared the effect of performing the upright seated bench press on power, work output, exercise time, energy burned, and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) using the following four protocols performed to failure:
•    Muscular endurance, 55 percent 1RM with a 4141 tempo
•    Fast Force endurance, 55 percent 1RM with an explosive tempo
•    Maximum Strength, 85 percent 1RM with an explosive tempo
•    Hypertrophy, 70 percent 1RM with a 2121 tempo

Results showed that the Fast Force protocol resulted in the greatest power output, followed by the Maximum Strength protocol—a finding that is not surprising since those exercise trials were performed explosively and the others used a controlled, deliberate tempo. Maximum possible velocity and loads in the 30 to 60 percent of the 1RM range will always produce greater output than restricted lifting speed or heavy loads.  Still, the fact that the Maximum Strength trial produced the second greatest power output also supports the inclusion of heavy load training for power—it’s not that one tempo is always best, but that you must vary tempo to achieve optimal results.

The Fast Force protocol also resulted in much greater work to be performed than all other protocols. The Maximum Strength protocol was second in work output, but this protocol took the shortest amount of time to complete (only 30 seconds) compared to the Muscular Endurance, which was longest in 105 seconds. The Fast Force and Hypertrophy trials both took about 64 seconds. 

Considering that energy is related to the ability to perform work, it can be concluded that the Fast Force protocol requires the highest energy cost, or for practical purposes, it results in the greatest calorie burn. However, the Maximum Strength protocol provides the greatest energy burn for the amount of time spent lifting, again highlighting the value of tempo variation.

One interesting point made by the researchers is that in the Hypertrophy protocol, the amount of work performed was similar to that of the Maximum Strength trial, but the Hypertrophy protocol took much longer to complete, indicating that building muscle is a result of longer exercise duration and the subsequent physiological and metabolic responses produced, rather than mechanical work.

The last thing you should be aware of is that all the tempo protocols produced similar EPOC, which refers to the amount of calories burned following the workout due to an elevated metabolism. Although EPOC was similar, you would achieve best fat loss and body composition by using similar time under tension as with the Fast Force and Maximum Strength protocols since these used the most energy during training, and EPOC can be maximized with higher loads or greater work.

Buitago, S., Wirtz, N., et al. Mechanical Load and Physiological Responses of Four Different Resistance Training Methods in Bench Press Exercise. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2012. Published Ahead of Print.