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Centopani’s Back Workout

WORKOUT13 300x1201172 Centopanis Back WorkoutAfter watching Evan Centopani's latest back workout video on musculardevelopment.com it hyped me up to give this a try.  It's similar to how I used to train my back when I was younger but is still very different.  It was an awesome back session and I know I'll be sore tomorrow.  I'll be using this routine for the next couple of weeks.  Give this one a try on your next back day.

  1. Deadlifts - 2x10 (135lb),1x8 (225lb),1x6 (315lb),3x6 (405lb)
  2. standing straight bar pulldowns - 4x12 (70lb)
  3. narrow d-bar grip pulldowns - 3x10 (140,150,160)
  4. assisted pull ups - 3x10-12 (70lb)
  5. standing one arm db rows - 3x10 (80lb,90lb,100lb)
  6. hammer strength low row - 3x10 (pulled both at the same time) (45+25 each side for first set) (45+35 each side for last 2 sets)
  7. straight bar seated cable row - 3x10 (120lb all sets)

I rested 2 min b/w sets for deadlifts and everything else was 60-90 seconds

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